Instruction & Fitting

Instruction Services

The award-winning golf instruction staff at Idle Hour specializes gets you on a track to better golf with programs designed to help you hit better shots, shoot lower scores and have more fun on the golf course. We are proud to offer services to golfers of all ages and ability levels.

Private Coaching

Senior Instructor
Associate Instructor

Senior Instructor
Associate Instructor

Custom Coaching Packages Pricing Available Upon Request

Club fitting & repair services

The staff at the Blum Golf Learning Center will make sure you are playing with the right equipment that's setup perfectly for your game, providing you with more enjoyment on the course and the chance to play your best.

If you look at all the different configurations of a golf club, you would find nearly 500 different variants in each one. Our job during the club-fitting process is finding the right configuration(s) that will actually HELP YOU make a better swing and contact.

Our expertly trained staff has years of custom fitting experience and are available to fit you to the correct specifications suited for your game to improve performance and consistency, no matter your age or ability level. To ensure the accuracy of the fitting we use state-of-the-art TrackMan and Foresight launch monitor technology and high-speed video equipment.

Contact us today to schedule your fitting session.

Our goal is finding the correct combination that gives golfers the best ball flight, consistency and accuracy.

$130 per consumer for all ages
- Mizuno shaft optimizer- helps determine proper golf shaft for specific individual 

- Foresight quad- determines and calculated launch, ball spin, and path data 

- Check optimum ball flight, impact position, swing path

- Fit for shaft- club type, flex, lye angle, length of club

-Mitchell putter loft and lie machine

Club repairs

We use Mitchell Company loft and line machine to enable us to custom bend lie angle on bend and loft in new or existing golf clubs.

- Regrip and reshafting available and most done within 24 hours

- Custom order grips and shafts usually within two days